Woman cannot live on Bordeaux & chocolate alone…

…but she can try!

And so, try I will and I’m in the perfect place for testing that theory. Brussels, where people consume 12 – 15 kg of chocolate, mostly dark, every year, also has a pretty good supply of Bordeaux from France.

Arriving here at Christmas just makes me want to curl up with a glass of great wine and cuberdons (dark chocolate filled with a raspberry liquid) which are only available in Brussels and only last 6 weeks (sorry friends, they’ll be gone before I leave).

street cart selling Cuberdons, "noses" of Gent

street cart selling Cuberdons, “noses” of Gent

Today in Bruges I was delighted to have a spectacular Flemish chicken dish at De Poulin that dazzled my tongue and delighted my tummy too! The sign outside said something about having the best chicken so I went in. The meal I ordered was the daily special and it was hearty, tasted amazingly homemade and real, and was piping hot right out of the oven. I could hear the people next to me commenting on how good it looked. They roast the chickens right on the premises, perhaps that’s why the meat was so delectable. Whatever the ’cause,’ I’m giving this my Broads Abroad seal of approval, go there, enjoy!

Flemish chicken dish at De Poulin, Bruges

Flemish chicken dish at De Poulin, Bruges

De Poulin Bruges

De Poulin Bruges




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