Window shopping


I did not come to Europe to shop. First, it’s expensive to shop here, and second, I had only 1.6 kg of room to spare in my suitcase when I left Vancouver.

But it’s been a serious test of my willpower and Venice absolutely pushed me over the edge. By the end of the second day I was threatening to have a meltdown from pure overstimulation. The colourful glass objects of art and jewelry, the beautiful leather coats, purses, shoes, and the endless array of chic Italian fashions were dazzling my brain and sending me into the kind of overwhelm only curable with retail therapy.

In Rome Brigitte and I ogled endless sexy shoes, haute couture from Prada, Gucci and the like (we didn’t go in for fear of getting refused —it happened to Oprah in Italy!), and finally, on our way to the coliseum a funny thing happened…we succumbed.

Drawn in by the cute sweater displayed in the Chopin store window, we were greeted by the lovely and effervescent Valentina who encouraged us to try things on. In our weakened state we were pretty easily convinced and we had so much fun! Valentina was a riot, doing a little dance as she went through the store helping us find our treasures. We combined our purchases so we saved the tax by filling out a form at the store.

Sufficiently recharged from our retail therapy we dashed back to our room to drop our bags and headed off to the coliseum.





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