Is Wheat The Culprit?

Wheat Belly, Dr. William Davis, MD

Wheat Belly: Lose the Wheat, Lose the Weight, and Find Your Path Back to Health

Like many people, I am sensitive to wheat. Actually it’s the gluten and gliadin that are the culprits and they are present in more than just wheat. In his best selling book, Wheat Belly, by Dr. William Davis, MD, he pieces the puzzle together and concludes wheat may be the biggest cause of health problems today.

Dr. Davis is the first author whose findings are consistent with my experiences as a mom trying to cope with what turned out to be a gluten sensitivity in my infant son, which also caused me to go gluten free back in 1987. I have never looked back.

I am so grateful that Dr. Davis has done this research.

The back cover headline:

“Did you know that eating two slices of whole wheat bread can increase blood sugar more than 2 tablespoons of pure sugar can?” – Wheat Belly, Dr. William Davis, MD


Dr. William Davis and Dr. Oz

Is wheat to blame for your weight gain? In fact, Dr. Davis believes it’s the #1 reason Americans gain weight. Hear more about the dangers of wheat from these Dr. Oz show videos:

Gluten-Free Guru

Named by Philadelphia Magazine as a Gluten Free Guru, Jennifer Fugo is a Certified Health Coach who knows first-hand what it’s like to deal with symptoms of gluten sensitivity while learning the ropes of a gluten free diet.  She was diagnosed with gluten sensitivity in 2008 and began a journey that changed her life for the better and proved to her that you can eat well and be gluten free.

In this audio interview with Dr. Davis, around the 30 minute mark he says the “Eat more healthy whole grains” advice that is commonly dispensed by health agencies like the USDA, American Dietetic Association, American Heart Association, is “the biggest, most colossal, systematically dispensed blunder ever in the human history of nutritional advice.”:

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