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“Astrology is astronomy brought to earth and applied to the affairs of men.” — Ralph Waldo Emerson

leo-lionAstrology interprets the relationship between planetary energy patterns and human beings, in all our dimensions: spiritual, psychological, intellectual, emotional and physical. As the new science of fractals confirms, life patterns are consistently duplicated and repeated over scale, from the smallest atom to the largest galaxy. Our own horoscope helps us to understand these patterns and connections, and provides a meaningful, powerful tool to discover the mysteries of our individuality and our place in the cosmos.


The profound and ancient science of astrology has unlimited applications in our lives. Astrology’s insights can be applied to the inner world of spirit, clarifying the relationship between our Self or Soul and its expression in form, our personality or ego.atoms The intuitive interpretation of astrology’s influences comprises the art of astrology, and can help to decipher meaning and purpose in our lives; especially purpose driven by our inner center of consciousness.

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Astrology also has profound psychological applications, helping us to better understand the often complex and contradictory aspects of our natures. It helps us understand our motivations, needs, sensitivities, and blocks as well as our gifts. Dr. Carl Jung, one of the pioneers of modern psychology, studied astrology in depth and used it in his practice. He had this to say about astrology and psychology :

“I usually get a horoscope in order to have a further point of view from an entirely different angle. I must say that I have often found that the astrological data elucidated certain points which I otherwise would have been unable to understand.” — Dr. Carl Jung



As well as providing psychological clarity and insight, astrology is useful in pinpointing hidden talents, vocational aptitudes and career skills. The birth chart can also highlight character strengths and weaknesses, and clarify health issues and concerns. It can identify relationship issues, tendencies and needs; help a parent more deeply understand a child, a businesswoman her employee, or a husband his spouse. The applications of astrology are endless, as diverse as human beings.

In Summary:

Consultation with a Trained, Experienced and Insightful Astrologer Can Offer You:confused-woman

  • Spiritual and psychological insights into your life purpose and direction.
  • An understanding of your personal characteristics, strengths and weaknesses, talents and abilities.
  • Insight into your relationship needs, patterns and issues. A comparison between two or more charts also offers greater clarity into interpersonal relationships and their dynamics.
  • Specific information on the planetary cycles that influence you at any given time.

Astrology is not fortune-telling, but it does help provide guidance and insight into the timing of important decisions, and also assists in clarifying key opportunities, in both your business and personal life. Learn more about Tara.

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