circle_logo no tag 150x150Broads Abroad Members are ordinary women who fearlessly choose to do the things that they dream of. It seems like the time is never right to take hold of your dreams and live them. The older we get the more fears and doubts creep in like a fog blanket to dampen our enthusiasm for adventure.

As members of the Broads Abroad network our goals are to inspire other midlife women to think outside the box. Boxes are for shoes, not women!

Broads Abroad Member Qualitieszebra_shoe_purple

  • Must love shoes!
  • Must love wine!
  • Must love food!
  • Must have a dream!
  • Must be brave!
  • Must be ready willing to take action!sequin_shoe_turq
  • Must be ready for fun!
  • Must want to inspire another broad to go abroad!

red_shoe_greenDo you have a story to share? Drop us an email telling us what defines you as a broad abroad. We’d love to have more midlife women sharing their stories of inspiration, adventure, and best of all fun.

Broads Abroad Members

Brigitte Abroad

Kathryn Abroad

Yvonne Abroad

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