computers connected network…and Vices

Last trip I left my cel phone, computer and ipad behind and brought only a GPS.  On the first flight I was playing with my GPS at 30,ooo feet over Texas to relieve technology withdrawal symptoms.  Since the next trip will be an extended stay of several months, and I will need to keep in touch with client needs, friends & family, I will be exploring options for reliable devices to ease the burden of communications without breaking the budget.

Skype – a very effective tool that I have used for years to communicate and collaborate with my clients and associates both nearby and geographically remote.

iPad – oh how I love my iPad!  I have a first generation Wifi only version with keyboard.  At this time I am not sure whether to bring it, buy a newer generation, or consider another alternative computing device.

Laptop – currently I am using an HP Touchscreen desktop computer.  Since most of my work is done from my home office, I acquired a net book to use for simple computing when on-site.  I am considering a Mac that will run dual operating systems (PC & Apple).  As someone who was on a waiting list for the first Mac’s off the line in 1984, I love the simplicity and the security of a Mac.

iPhone – I’m using an iPhone 4 and ready for an upgrade.  If I bring it, and I find it hard to imagine life without my iPhone, then how do I avoid astronomical costs associated with roaming/travel etc.?