We all have talents, some are latent and just waiting to emerge. I think it’s time to parlay my talents (latent and otherwise) in support of my adventures abroad. See below for stuff I can do if you have a home that is not quite ready for attracting guests online…

Home Staging

I can help you make the best of what you’ve got. Click on the links below to see photos of my home staging efforts.

WordPress Website Design

Having a website for your accommodation means you can highlight the specific attributes of your home, your way and start attracting traffic online.


Video Production

These videos were designed for quick loading on the web and have small format players, excuse the low resolution. Higher resolution versions can also be created.

  •  Tom’s Tree House, Stanley Park, Vancouver, Canada – coming soon!
  • Artemis by the Sea, Qualicum Landing, Vancouver Island, British Columbia

  • Catherine’s Place, Langley, BC Canada


Feedback from guests is vital, sometimes a simple request from a guest can add so much value to their experience of your home. Below are some examples of online feedback forms for collecting information about guest experiences and testimonials for future marketing.

Promotional Post Cards

Quick and inexpensive, post cards can be printed a few at a time. They make great souvenirs and can easily be passed along or mailed.

Artemis at Qualicum post card

Catherine's Place post card

Stanley Park Tree House collage


  • Welcome booklet containing instructions and helpful information about surrounding area and amenities.
  • Something else you require? Send me an email