Label it or lose it


Emily Press Labels I'm extremely organized and careful about my belongings but occasionally even I leave something behind.  A few years back, it happened to be the battery cover on my mouse.  This tiny piece of plastic had my label on it, and when … [Read more...]

Rush Rush Margarita!


We all love the rigamarole margarita, especially when someone else makes it!  Next time you find yourself pinched for time, rock salt, or a bartender, try this simple recipe: Broads Abroad Marg Tall glass, ice cubes San Pellegrino … [Read more...]



Putting stuff in storage means work. Calculating requirements, wrapping, folding, sorting, trashing and that's just the beginning, after that comes lifting, ugh! I will be storing my stuff for up to a year so I need to decide what to keep, what to … [Read more...]

Beginning French, again…


As a Canadian I received French language training in high school, I loved it and later even put my children into early French immersion with the fantasy that they would somehow teach or mentor me to learn more of the language. Didn't happen. So I … [Read more...]

Compact Travel Door Lock


The Force Guard Force Guard Portable Door Lock – just how many keys to your door are floating around out there? Protect yourself with this high quality easy to use door lock.  The Force Guard mechanical door lock inserts into deadbolt lockset … [Read more...]