Poem: Reason, Season, Lifetime

bloom grow

I wish I could say that I was the author of this lovely poem but I'm not. Seems so hard to believe that the author is unknown, truly, whoever put these words together had deep insights and a wonderful perspective about the transient nature of some … [Read more...]

Spectacular sunset


As I prepare to move I am soaking in the last bits of the essence of this wonderful Stanley Park tree house and last night’s sunset had me getting out of bed several times to take pics. I may not be a fabulous photographer but it seems to me this pic … [Read more...]

Video: Seek the light

video camera

As you watch this video think of yourself as one of these seeds slowly opening, seeking the light, unfolding like a beautiful flower. Thanks Daniel Csobot, for this beautiful photographic art! Kamera und Schnitt: Daniel … [Read more...]

Listen hear…


Podcast Title: Welcome to the Jillian Michaels Show Total length: 47 mins. Jillian talks about how to pursue your dreams by vicariously walking into and through the fear, risks and failures of uncharted territory. Also, Janice Ungaro talks to … [Read more...]

Shut up Your Inner Critic

Watching this clip I couldn't help but wonder how these young broads figured everything out so quickly? It took me a decade of self-help books to shut up my inner "Betsy." "Why women don't get jobs," the topic of this clip, is funny, insightful … [Read more...]