“Fed Up” The Movie


I recently attended the Vancouver premiere of "Fed Up" the new documentary narrated by Katie Couric, and was pleased to hear her ringing the alarm bell about the dangerous food products and manufacturing practices that are contributing to, if not … [Read more...]

Gluten-free Travel: Paris


Mon amie Anne-Sophie kindly sent this link to a terrific post by David Lebovitz, professional chef, award-winning pastry chef, cookbook author, food blogger and writer:  "Gluten-free eating and dining in Paris." This is a rich resource for those … [Read more...]

Wine Tasting Basics

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Written by Broads Abroad Contributor: Tania Thomas of RunawayGrape. This is for all of you wine lovers who do not necessarily wish to take wine classes, but simply learn the basics. Make ordering a bottle in the restaurant or searching for the … [Read more...]

Goats on Roof Market, Coombs, BC


We stopped here on the way to Qualicum Beach and were so impressed with the great organic local peppers & tomatoes that we stopped again on the way back. The market has an excellent selection of foods and I was especially impressed with the range … [Read more...]

Escape Fire Movie


The Problems with the American Healthcare System. This excellent video exposes the problems with the American healthcare system and offers solutions. "We don't have a health care system in this country, we have a disease management system."— Dr. … [Read more...]

Dr. Mercola: #1 Natural Health Advice


I was thrilled to stumble upon Dr. Mercola on Hay House Radio with Dr. Christiane Northrup. I immediately went to his website and discovered that it was a wealth of factual information, unlike so many other sites that leave you fearful, confused and … [Read more...]

Is Wheat The Culprit?


Wheat Belly, Dr. William Davis, MD Like many people, I am sensitive to wheat. Actually it's the gluten and gliadin that are the culprits and they are present in more than just wheat. In his best selling book, Wheat Belly, by Dr. William Davis, MD, … [Read more...]

Video: “Back to the Start,” Chipotle


Chipotle Restaurants "Back to the Start", video - I really love the message behind this Chipotle Restaurants video in support of sustainable agriculture. More resources: Chipotle Restaurants, YouTube Channel … [Read more...]

Wine: Chook Shed


Chook Shed This was a great value priced wine. I miss it! Grape: Shiraz Country: Australia Region: Barossa Valley Price: CAD $16 Whine: apparently they are no longer exporting to Canada … [Read more...]

Wine: Skulls


Skulls I love this wine! Not sure if it's the higher alcohol content (16.9%) or something else but this is definitely a fave pick. Grape: Shiraz Country: Australia Region: Barossa Valley Price: CAD $20 Whine: BC … [Read more...]