boxesPutting stuff in storage means work. Calculating requirements, wrapping, folding, sorting, trashing and that’s just the beginning, after that comes lifting, ugh! I will be storing my stuff for up to a year so I need to decide what to keep, what to sell, and how to organize my stuff so that I can access what I need seasonally.

The last time I moved I used plastic tubs with lids and wheels instead of cardboard boxes.  I found this was a pretty good way to go because I could stack them 3 high and use a dolly to move them around.  Because I had the luxury of emptying and refilling the boxes, I bought 10 and made 4 trips. Since I’m planning to purge, I think I’m only going to need about 30 tubs this time.


Professional Organizers

A few years ago I bought a Freedom Filer system from professional organizer Linda Chu, owner of Out Of Chaos. I love the Freedom Filer because it makes filing and end of year change over easy peasy.

Below are links to Linda’s Out of Chaos blog tips:


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