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Bill Campbell, Okanagan Garlic & Pat Pimm, BC Minister of Agriculture

Bill Campbell & Pat Pimm, BC Minister of Agriculture

“Music for Your Years”
Despite the rain and somewhat overcast skies (didn’t I leave Vancouver to escape this?), the weather didn’t dampen the enthusiasm of the people who came by the Okanagan Garlic booth today at the Kelowna Farmers’ Market.

According to these folks, garlic not only delivers health benefits that some of them swear by, it has also become the staple around which they plan their meals.

Over 7 different varieties of garlic were showcased at the Okanagan Garlic booth, where a variety called “music garlic” was served raw on buttered gluten-free toast squares.

Marilyn Strong

Marilyn Strong

Among those who were sporting enough to indulge in the raw garlic toast samples—before their midday meal, were Pat Pimm, B.C. Minister of Agriculture, B.C. Association of Farmers’ Markets, executive director Elizabeth Quinn, and Chris, sous chef at the Coast Capri Hotel. After their good example, a steady stream of garlic aficionados visited the unbelievably busy booth buying as much as a dozen bulbs at a time. Event organizer Marilyn Strong of Strongbiz was delighted with the turnout.

The big news of the day was that a recent study published in the prestigious Cancer Prevention Research Journal reported a 30% decrease in lung cancer rates among those who ate about 1 teaspoon of raw garlic at least twice a week. Hence the phrase “music to your years.”

Watch the Global News clip with Angela Jung who came out and spent time at the booth.

After trying the Spanish Roja garlic last week, I’m dying to try the Italian garlic in my smothered Italian cauliflower recipe.  Italian (or romanesco cauliflower) which I bought from an organic farmer at the Lake Country Farmers’ Market, has to be the most beautiful vegetable I’ve ever laid eyes on!

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  1. It was my pleasure! BTW the romanesco cauliflower was as superb with the Italian garlic as it was with the Spanish Roja! ~ Best Kathryn


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