MiFi: Where to Buy?

woman laptop globePortable Personal WiFi Hotspot Devices.

In preparation for my foray into the digital nomad lifestyle, I went looking for the best and most cost-effective ways to stay in touch with family, friends, and clients. Public WiFi is a pretty cost-effective option, but security can be a concern, however, I think the key motivation for having my own portable MiFi hotspot device are to help me avoid expensive hotel WiFi charges and reduce the need to run to a café to check emails, maps, or make Skype calls.

My plan is to purchase local data-only SIM cards when I’m abroad and connect to my cel phone data plan when I’m in Canada. According to at least one world-traveler I know, this is a pretty effective way of keeping in touch without breaking the bank.
Novatel MiFi 2
As I began my research I stumbled across the Novatel MiFi2 device and, in addition to my desire to support a Canadian company, this appears to have all the features I need.

Thanks to Matt from NomadicMatt.com and Dustin from TooManyAdapters.com  for their help and suggestions.

My MiFi quest at the moment:
Where to buy an unlocked, quad band MiFi device that will support 5 or more devices and allow me to change SIM cards for each country. The research continues…below are some links you may find useful if you too are looking to buy a MiFi device for travel.

Links to research:


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