Couch-surfing at my son’s

woman couchIt’s August and I’m in the lovely community of Lake Country, BC, just a few minutes north of Kelowna in the heart of the Okanagan where I’ll be spending a few weeks.

I thought that the rules for couch-surfing at my 20-something son’s place would be pretty lax…and they are. What I didn’t figure out ahead of time is that I would discover how appealing a ‘man cave’ can be. Really, I’m serious.

  • First, the place is new and well-enough equipped for comfort and convenience. I’m getting accustomed to living without a dishwasher and learning to enjoy improvising when necessary.
  • Second, I am discovering how much I enjoy his electric recliner ‘man-couch’ (see pic) .
  • Third, watching Internet TV instead of cable TV has proven to me that I won’t be needing cable when I return from my travels. (I realize this may not be an option for those who are big into TV, but for me it is more than adequate for my viewing needs.)

I am delighted to submit to my son’s house rules (he has only 1 which is to do with the plasma TV screen – I think I can manage this), they’re one heck of a lot less onerous than mine were way back when. Must be a lesson here! Sweet son that he is…he took the couch!

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