Goals of a Midlife Digital Nomad Woman

woman bed laptopAfter reading the post by Sean Brenan entitled “10 Goals for the location-independent digital nomad” on LuckyCompass.com  (see excerpts at the end of this post.)I was inspired to write down my own reasons for pursuing the digital nomad lifestyle. In addition to the great goals he listed, below are my own personal motivators:

Kathryn’s List

  • Get some check marks on my bucket list.
  • Embrace adventure personally and professionally.
  • Challenge myself to deliver the same caliber of client services from non-fixed geographic locations as I currently do from my home office.
  • Push my understanding of, and ability to use, cost effective enabling technologies to facilitate business and personal communications.
  • And last, but not least, to earn income while travelling so I can travel better, cheaper, longer! (NomadicMatt’s tagline, which I love!)

We thought we would set you on the right track here, and provide you with what we consider to be the main goals to achieve for an aspiring digital nomad.—Sean Brennan, LuckyCompass.com

Excerpts from Sean’s list:

Goal 3: To financially sustain your lifestyle

Now we start to look at more digital nomad focused goals. This one is very obvious. Part of the reason you are doing this is to be able to make enough money to pay for your lifestyle costs. This includes enough to cover food,accommodation and basic living. Obviously, the degrees for each these areas will vary depending on your individual earning objectives. However, the goal remains the same, make enough to keep the adventure going to a certain date, or even better, indefinitely.

Goal 6: To invest in yourself

Improve your professional skills where possible. If there is a chance to improve yourself in any facet, you should always consider doing it. Having an appetite for self improvement is a very valuable approach for a digital nomad. After all, it’s the things you learn along the way that shape the decisions you will make in the future.

Click this link to read Sean’s entire post: “10 Goals for the location-independent digital nomad”

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