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Public Information Contacts

Charles A. Radin

Director of Public Information
Phone: 1 617 588 0316
Mobile: 1 617 785 0916

Kevin Tasley

Assistant Director 
Phone: 1 617 588 0341


Free Downloads of Working Papers

Staff of news media worldwide, including freelance journalists, may download the full text of working papers free. The NBER does not provide free access to economic and finance professionals with part-time journalistic sidelines, investment advisory services, and by-subscription financial newsletters. All visitors receive three free downloads per year; to receive unlimited free downloads thereafter, please register as a journalist. For immediate assistance, please call the NBER Public Information staff.

Permission to Reprint

NBER periodicals are not copyrighted, and journalists may quote from them freely with attribution to the National Bureau of Economic Research. Copyright in NBER books and annuals is owned by the NBER, but the University of Chicago Press manages use of these publications. For permission to use any part of an NBER book, see the University of Chicago Press permissions page. For out-of-print books, contact Helena Fitz-Patrick. For annuals, see the University of Chicago Press Journals permissions page. Also, please see the University of Chicago Press fair use guidelines.

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