Label it or lose it

pickslogo_125x125Emily Press Labels

I’m extremely organized and careful about my belongings but occasionally even I leave something behind.  A few years back, it happened to be the battery cover on my mouse.  This tiny piece of plastic had my label on it, and when it was found at a clients’ office it made its way back to me. Amazing!

I’m a total believer in labels even for adult’s stuff, and the stylish labels from Emily Press are my favorite.  In addition to labeling computers and accessories, I also have Emily Press labels adorning my suitcases and travel bags, and yes, even my shoes…sometimes they get left behind too! Visit Broads A Go-Go page to see more travel accessories.

Broad Tip:  I use my website URL ( on the labels instead of my name so the finder of my lost item can go online and contact me by email.


Check out Emily Press “Chic” and “Hip & Whimsy” design collections, the Filigree design shown above is one of my favorites.


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