Paris: Now that’s a dinner party!


The most unique feature of Jim’s Parisian life is the fact that he has held an open dinner party in his home every Sunday night for the past 30 years. Through my network I learned of Jim Haynes, a man who came to Paris from Louisiana some 30 years ago and stayed.

I attended one of Jim’s dinner parties last night and was delighted to meet people from all over the world. The 40 or so guests filling Jim’s kitchen and living area that I had the pleasure of meeting included a journalist from Israel and his son, a jazz musician living in Paris; Liz & Josh who work in the the high tech sector in Seattle; Gary & Beth from Calgary, Alberta; Claude, a Parisian whose family operate a small winery; Jean Gilles, a waiter and foreign film junkie who has traveled to 53 countries and has at least 2 more on the travel docket for 2014.

Numerous other friendly and interesting people offered greetings and chatted briefly in the crowded room where we stood and enjoyed soup, turkey and rice, vanilla cake with ice cream, and a self-serve bar of wine, juice and soft drinks. I enjoyed the meal, perhaps the wine was not representative of France’s finest, but hey, the  company and atmosphere were the main attraction and for that I was delighted with my experience.

I chatted for a few minutes with Jim who was perched on his kitchen stool at the epicenter of the action, exactly where I expected him to be from my ‘research.’  Affable and friendly, Jim extended an invitation to join the party again on New Year’s Eve where the festivities will begin in his home and continue at a local jazz venue. I just might go back for seconds of this most unique Parisian dinner party experience.

For more information on Jim Hayne’s Sunday dinners visit his website. More Paris posts




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