Hustle, honk, thonk!

Palermo apt viewWelcome to Palermo! Within minutes of stepping outside the secure baggage area we were approached by a young man who promised us a ride directly to our apartment at a bargain price of 45 Euros, and, he boasted “by an English speaking driver,” no less! We opted for the train, 12 euros.

HedvigOur hosts from the apartment, Hedvig & Tonino, met us at the train and we managed to fit our 2 bags and 4 people into their small car, then the rush hour fun began. No rules! My first free-for-all European driving adventure. OMG no wonder the cars are so bashed up here. Approaching the apartment thonk, someone threw a rock and it hit the window, Tonino quickly got out to look for the culprits, “will there be guns now?” I jokingly asked Hedvig.

The apartment is cute and clean, and in a very central location with many historical buildings, shops and markets within walking distance. Quiet it is not! I’ve never heard such noise – yelling, honking, cars with music blaring well into the evening and beyond, well, maybe during the Stanley Cup riots in Yaletown – at least there were no fires here.

Palermo apt street viewIn the morning looking down the narrow street are two women, one holding a sleeping child, chat from their balcony, just like a Nescafe commercial!

About our Palermo apartment.

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