Homeless or No Fixed Address?

AhsoEasyIt’s done! My possessions carefully stowed into a crate which was taken away to remain in storage until I return in early spring 2014.

The remainder of my stuff, the things I need to live and work until I actually go abroad this fall, I put into storage totes that fitted into my car, eventually…carload

“Homeless” or “No Fixed Address”?

I really can’t decide which description has more caché. Recently, I was telling someone that I had moved to Langley (a suburb of Vancouver) for a few months after which I would be moving to Vancouver’s Stanley Park, to which he said: “You won’t be living IN the park, I hope!”

So just to clear up any misconceptions, I will be taking up temporary residence in difference places over the next several months so that I can practice becoming a full-fledged digital nomad in the fall when I go abroad. That’s it!

If it’s May, this must be Langley! More…Ohhhh Langley


Dried floral arrangement is a gentleness test.

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