Going Abroad

whitebrd_demo1“Wow, good for you.”  Just about everybody that I told I was finally going to Europe for an extended stay said this.  Followed by: what about your _____ (fill in the name of the responsibility/person).

Sure, I felt a little cavalier about planning my exit, after all you don’t arrive at mid-life unencumbered.  And even if you did, you’d still have something making you uneasy, like ______ (fill in the name of the guilt/fear).  Having already faced challenges in life that would seem to indicate there are no guarantees on longevity, I had to counter the guilt and fear caused by these questions with the terrible reality that I was not getting any younger. In fact, the longer I let the sand slip through the hourglass the less likely I would ever get to my travel bucket list.

More to come on how to address the obvious and not so obvious issues and concerns that arise when you are planning an extended trip abroad.