Gluten-free Travel: Paris


Mon amie Anne-Sophie kindly sent this link to a terrific post by David Lebovitz, professional chef, award-winning pastry chef, cookbook author, food blogger and writer:  “Gluten-free eating and dining in Paris.”

This is a rich resource for those of us who are avoiding gluten in our diets—a challenge when traveling to new places especially if you don’t speak the language. (BTW gluten-free = sans gluten)

Helpful information, tips and links in this post include:

  • natural foods shops and supermarkets in France
  •  gluten-free and “gluten friendly” restaurants in Paris
  • terms for various grains and other French products
  • gluten-free French bakeries
  • gluten-free links France and other parts of the world
  • French gluten-free food blogs

Click this link to go to David’s post:“Gluten-free eating and dining in Paris,”

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