Gluten-free in Rome

Debora Corvaro, Kathryn

Debora Corvaro, Kathryn

Looking back, I was surprised and delighted to stumble upon L’oasi del Celiaco in a market just down the hill from Vatican City. the owner, Debora Corvaro, told us that she had only just opened her store catering to those with celiac disease and those who prefer gluten-free as a lifestyle choice.

I found the store to be well stocked with every type of pasta imaginable, and cookies, snacks, cake mixes, frozen foods –all gluten-free.

It you are looking to avoid breaking your diet while travelling in Roma, stop by and see Debora…a lovely woman who I hope will have a booming business providing much needed products for locals and travellers.

L’oasi del Celiaco, Debora Corvaro
Mercato Trionfale
via s. sebastiano, 59 00063 campagnano di roma Tel: 338 3400541

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