Gluten-free in Palermo

Coming back from the beach yesterday we almost missed a tiny little gluten-free bakery, Delizie, on Goethe street in Palermo.

It was late in the day so some of the shelves were empty but what remained was very appetizing looking. I opted for 2 small loaves as a trial. The bread was soft and nice tasting. Since going gluten-free back in the 80’s, I’ve had a broad range of gluten free breads and until the last year or two I’ve pretty much opted out of the bread program. This bread was soft, very very white, made nice garlic toast, later today I will see how it works for a sandwich.

gluten-free bread from Delizie's, Palermo, Sicily

gluten-free bread from Delizie’s, Palermo, Sicily


So when you visit Palermo, Sicily, have no fear, you may enjoy your breads, biscotti and a range of other products all gluten-free.

Delizie, Via Goethe, 21, Palermo, Sicily 90138 | T +39 091.6118786 |


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