Beginning French, again…

As a Canadian I received French language training in high school, I loved it and later even put my children into early French immersion with the fantasy that they would somehow teach or mentor me to learn more of the language. Didn’t happen. So I registered for beginner French classes at a local community center and, as luck would have it, there were only 3 of us in the class!

I am having such a fabulous time with my instructor, Monika, and my fellow students Christine (a writer of science books) and Havier (a researcher). I am relieved to have such a small class. Aside from the obvious benefit of teacher to student ratio, my ego is relieved about exposing my gaffs to only a small group of people!

To supplement my learning I am using these excellent resources



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  1. I had the pleasure of joining Kathryn for class as her ‘show and tell’. My French is a bit rusty from lack of use. I’ve been learning Spanish and I recognized the hesitations and pauses intimately, listening and following along made me feel empathy for all. Bon chance, mon amie!

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