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Program Directors

Jayachandran headshot

Seema Jayachandran is a professor in the department of economics at Northwestern University. Her research interests include health, education, labor markets, the environment, and political economy in developing nations. She has been an NBER affiliate since 2007.

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Benjamin A. Olken is a professor in the department of economics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Director of the Abdul Latif Jameel Poverty Action Lab. His research focuses on the political economy of developing nations, with particular emphasis on corruption. He has been an NBER affiliate since 2005.

Featured Program Content

  • Article
Household income in municipalities where festivals coincide with planting or harvesting is lower than in other towns, and the transition from agriculture...
  • Article
When small loans secured with “digital collateral” are in arrears, lenders can shut off the benefits of the collateralized asset without physically...
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  • Research Spotlight
Vaccine roll-out programs are moving at different rates in different nations. As a result of larger advance purchases...
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