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Maxim-Eyes-maxine-CropThe other day while looking for an optical shop to do some minor repairs on my glasses, I made a call to Maxim-Eyes Optical in Langley. When the after-hours machine answered I decided to call later and hung up without leaving a message. To my surprise a short while later I received a call from the owner Maxine, saying she saw that I had called and asked if there was anything she could help with. I quickly explained my needs and she said to stop by anytime.

Maxim-Eyes-interior1I was already impressed before I arrived, upon entering her shop in Westpark Plaza in Walnut Grove, it was pure delight. Unlike the typical optical shop, Maxim-Eyes was more like a living room with comfy chairs, artful decor and a “breakfast bar” style counter complete with nice leather stools.

I chatted away with Maxine as she expertly restored my glasses, cleaning the lenses, replacing the nose-pad, and adjusting the twisted frames. So expert was she that when she was done my glasses went on like Cinderella’s slipper on the first try! Stunned at her skills, Maxine explained that she is always sizing up a person’s face and after 35 years in the business she was pretty good at knowing just the right adjustments to make. I’ll say!

With all of the less-than-stellar examples of customer service, it was refreshing and reassuring to experience being treated like a valued customer from start to finish. BTW, she did the repair at no charge. Everytime I think of how comfy my glasses feel I am reminded of what a wonderful experience I had there.

Check out Maxim-Eyes at 7B-20349 88 Ave Langley, t. (604) 888-8355

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