I won’t leave home without…


Let me start by saying that packing for a 3-month adventure that included 8 countries and both warm and cool climates had me in a tizzy. Looking back I can see that I've learned a few things about what to bring, and what to leave out. What to … [Read more...]

Back out, or pack up?

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Is this the right time? Is there ever a right time? Isn't there always some responsibility or obligation that can dissuade us from fulfilling our 'fantasies of exploration and adventure' (sounds frivolous, doesn't it?)  Of course there is, and at … [Read more...]

Plans: Keep ‘Em Loose & Save


Planning, schmanning! My earlier plans for a 2013/2014 European vacation got modified when I uncovered a 'last minute' Mediterranean cruise out of Barcelona to Casablanca and the Canary Islands, and, for a 53% discount. Yes! Coincidentally, the … [Read more...]

Homeless or No Fixed Address?


It's done! My possessions carefully stowed into a crate which was taken away to remain in storage until I return in early spring 2014. The remainder of my stuff, the things I need to live and work until I actually go abroad this fall, I put into … [Read more...]

The Plan: 2013 / 2014


Plans for 2013, which are kind of loose at the moment, involve Valencia, Spain in mid to late Sept, moving down to the south to chase the nice weather, southern Portugal for Nov, then France for Dec with the highlight being Paris over Xmas. Then … [Read more...]



Putting stuff in storage means work. Calculating requirements, wrapping, folding, sorting, trashing and that's just the beginning, after that comes lifting, ugh! I will be storing my stuff for up to a year so I need to decide what to keep, what to … [Read more...]