Paris: Petit Palais Museum


While strolling the Champs-Élysées after a ride in La Grande Roué ferris wheel, we came upon the Petit Palais Museum. We had only an hour before it closed, so little time for so many beautiful and interesting exhibits curated from private … [Read more...]

Palace of Versailles


Now a wealthy suburb of Paris, Versailles was once a country village where Louis XIII went on hunting trips. After purchasing the property in 1624 and building a hunting lodge, it was his successor, Louix XIV who  expanded it into one of the largest … [Read more...]

Hôtel de Ville, Paris

Hôtel de Ville, Paris

The Hôtel de Ville, the building that houses the administration for the city of Paris, was lit up for Christmas with twinkling lights on the roof, a sparkling Christmas tree and a forest of vertical light towers. A lighted skating rink in the front … [Read more...]

Venice. Magical!


Arriving in Venice by water taxi from the airport in the late afternoon with the sun breaking through an overcast sky was a perfect way to arrive in this breathtakingly magical place.     … [Read more...]

Castelbuono & olive farm

Hedevig & Tonino's country house near Castelbuono, Sicily

  It's one thing to be a tourist, on the outside looking in, it's quite another to have the type of experience we had with Hedvig who graciously spent the afternoon and evening showing us the mountain community of Castelbuono and their … [Read more...]

Mondello Beach, Palermo

sicily sand

What a great beach! Soft sand, clear shallow water, hardly anyone on the beach. That's the upside, downside, change rooms closed, oh well, small price to pay for such a beautiful day in the sun and sand.   … [Read more...]

Costume party ‘gowns’

fabric remnants, costume fodder

From the fabric remnants bin in Funchal, our costume party outfits took shape.     … [Read more...]

Casablanca, Morocco

Hassan ll Mosque

October  28, 2013, Casablanca, Morocco A bus tour of the fish market, the royal palace and the Hassan II mosque. Casa-blanca, meaning "white house" so named by Portugese sailors in search of water who arrived and stayed, populating the shores … [Read more...]

Canary Islands Cruise

Red Flame, Goddess of WiFi, SubLime

The 9-day cruise from Barcelona to the Canary Islands seemed a perfect itinerary, every other day a port of call broken up by relaxing days at sea. Overall the weather was terrific, a little breezy at times but always nice for being on deck and … [Read more...]

The Art of Self-Photo

Rena, Brigitte

After observing Mitzi, a friend from California, discreetly whip out her camera and capture herself in the foreground of a travel pic, I decided to practice the art myself. On the gondola when Rena said she had traveled solo and so had very few … [Read more...]