London: January, no rain, what?


It seemed like my itinerary had worked me into progressively colder climes to prepare me for my mid-January return to Vancouver...home, for now. Although I was prepared to brave the notorious London weather (can't be much different from the 'wet … [Read more...]

Amsterdam: Clean, Friendly, Rich


Back in the 4th grade I wrote a poem that began with these words 'Holland and Paris is where I shall be, When I'm twenty-four maybe.' Well it certainly took a few years beyond my childhood expectations, and Amsterdam wasn't officially on my … [Read more...]

Belgium: Ghent


It was a brisk and bright day in the late afternoon when I arrived in Ghent, a municipality located in the Flemish region of Belgium. In the 13th century Ghent was the largest city in Europe after Paris, perhaps this explains why the buildings are so … [Read more...]

Woman cannot live on Bordeaux & chocolate alone…

Flemish chicken dish at De Poulin, Bruges

...but she can try! And so, try I will and I'm in the perfect place for testing that theory. Brussels, where people consume 12 - 15 kg of chocolate, mostly dark, every year, also has a pretty good supply of Bordeaux from France. Arriving here at … [Read more...]

Belgium: Bruges “Venice of the North”


Bruges is located about 100 kilometers from Brussels. It has a population of about 125,000 and has about 2 million visitors annually. Even on a cold January day I was startled to find a square that I had walked through only minutes before, was now … [Read more...]

Belgium: Delightful Brussels Winter Wonders 2013

Winter Wonders, Brussels, Belgium, 2014

  Like a child being led to kindergarten for the first time, Brigitte took me to the Paris train station put me on the train to first solo trip abroad. After two and a half months of traveling through Europe together I had … [Read more...]

Happiness to you in 2014!


What's on your bucket list for 2014? … [Read more...]

Paris: Montparnasse Cemetary


I'm staying in the 14th Arrondissement of Montparnasse, where there is quite a lot of, shall we say, focus on the hereafter. Today, I visited the Cimetière du Montparnasse where many of France's intellectual and artistic elite are buried. It was … [Read more...]

Paris: Musée des Arts Forains, Carousel Museum


I read about the antique carousel museum, Musée des Arts Forains and it was on my 'must see' list of places to visit in Paris. I'm so glad I went and even the 3 souls who came along to indulge me seemed to enjoy themselves. This museum is only … [Read more...]

Paris: Champs-Élysées


Christmas markets, ferris wheel, ice skating, mulled wine, it's all on the Champs-Élysées at Christmas time. Having just had lunch with our new friends from Calgary Alberta, Beth & Gary, we headed in the direction of La Grande Roué ferris … [Read more...]