London: January, no rain, what?


It seemed like my itinerary had worked me into progressively colder climes to prepare me for my mid-January return to Vancouver...home, for now. Although I was prepared to brave the notorious London weather (can't be much different from the 'wet … [Read more...]

Amsterdam: Clean, Friendly, Rich


Back in the 4th grade I wrote a poem that began with these words 'Holland and Paris is where I shall be, When I'm twenty-four maybe.' Well it certainly took a few years beyond my childhood expectations, and Amsterdam wasn't officially on my … [Read more...]

Wine: Chook Shed


Chook Shed This was a great value priced wine. I miss it! Grape: Shiraz Country: Australia Region: Barossa Valley Price: CAD $16 Whine: apparently they are no longer exporting to Canada … [Read more...]

Wine: Skulls


Skulls I love this wine! Not sure if it's the higher alcohol content (16.9%) or something else but this is definitely a fave pick. Grape: Shiraz Country: Australia Region: Barossa Valley Price: CAD $20 Whine: BC … [Read more...]

Wine: el petit bonhomme


Spain is the newest country for my wine explorations and I have really enjoyed some the excellent spanish wines. Wines from Australia, South America and USA also proliferate in my recycling bin, it's definitely not the wine that's aging around … [Read more...]

The Saint Hotel


Oh boy did I love The Saint Hotel on Canal Street in New Orleans! I didn't find out about it until strolling past one afternoon and everything from the intricate awning, window displays and furnishings just begged me to go inside. The woman at the … [Read more...]