Hot Dog in the City


I'm back in the sunny Okanagan valley of British Columbia to keep company with the very cool Liam, Mister Liam if you please! Despite this "dude, let's party" photo, Mr. Liam is a very sedate and exceptionally well behaved lab & Great Dane … [Read more...]

Belgium: Ghent


It was a brisk and bright day in the late afternoon when I arrived in Ghent, a municipality located in the Flemish region of Belgium. In the 13th century Ghent was the largest city in Europe after Paris, perhaps this explains why the buildings are so … [Read more...]

Woman cannot live on Bordeaux & chocolate alone…

Flemish chicken dish at De Poulin, Bruges

...but she can try! And so, try I will and I'm in the perfect place for testing that theory. Brussels, where people consume 12 - 15 kg of chocolate, mostly dark, every year, also has a pretty good supply of Bordeaux from France. Arriving here at … [Read more...]

Belgium: Bruges “Venice of the North”


Bruges is located about 100 kilometers from Brussels. It has a population of about 125,000 and has about 2 million visitors annually. Even on a cold January day I was startled to find a square that I had walked through only minutes before, was now … [Read more...]

Belgium: Delightful Brussels Winter Wonders 2013

Winter Wonders, Brussels, Belgium, 2014

  Like a child being led to kindergarten for the first time, Brigitte took me to the Paris train station put me on the train to first solo trip abroad. After two and a half months of traveling through Europe together I had … [Read more...]

Happiness to you in 2014!


What's on your bucket list for 2014? … [Read more...]

Paris: Montparnasse Cemetary


I'm staying in the 14th Arrondissement of Montparnasse, where there is quite a lot of, shall we say, focus on the hereafter. Today, I visited the Cimetière du Montparnasse where many of France's intellectual and artistic elite are buried. It was … [Read more...]

Paris: Musée des Arts Forains, Carousel Museum


I read about the antique carousel museum, Musée des Arts Forains and it was on my 'must see' list of places to visit in Paris. I'm so glad I went and even the 3 souls who came along to indulge me seemed to enjoy themselves. This museum is only … [Read more...]

Paris: Champs-Élysées


Christmas markets, ferris wheel, ice skating, mulled wine, it's all on the Champs-Élysées at Christmas time. Having just had lunch with our new friends from Calgary Alberta, Beth & Gary, we headed in the direction of La Grande Roué ferris … [Read more...]

Paris: Petit Palais Museum


While strolling the Champs-Élysées after a ride in La Grande Roué ferris wheel, we came upon the Petit Palais Museum. We had only an hour before it closed, so little time for so many beautiful and interesting exhibits curated from private … [Read more...]