Canary Islands Cruise

The 9-day cruise from Barcelona to the Canary Islands seemed a perfect itinerary, every other day a port of call broken up by relaxing days at sea. Overall the weather was terrific, a little breezy at times but always nice for being on deck and pretty good for basking in the sun. Port days were beautiful and sunny.

First stop, Casablanca, Morocco in northern Africa.

Casablanca beach hotel

beach hotel, Casablanca, Morocco

The morning we arrived the seas were very heavy and I woke up to all of the drawers opening and closing as the ship rocked back and forth. I went back to sleep, listening to the clatter of things falling into the drawers, and feeling my bed sliding back and forth from the wall a few inches, no problem, but when I looked up to see the tray with ice bucket and glasses nearly halfway off the shelf I figured it was time to take action. Meanwhile, Brigitte returned from the restaurant where entire stacks of plates had crashed onto the floor, floral arrangements had fallen, even the grand piano had moved. The staff had quite a mess to contend with by the time we reached the pier.

Hassan II Mosque

Hassan ll Mosque

Hassan ll Mosque took 5 years to build, 25,000 workers each day

Next port of call the lush and lovely island of Funchal, in Madeira, Portugal where Madeira wine is made. We took the cable car up and explored the Monte Palace and tropical gardens.

Parque do Monte, Funchal, Madeira, Portgual - an island in the Atlantic ocean off northern Africa

Parque do Monte, Funchal, Madeira, Portgual – an island in the Atlantic ocean off northern Africa

cable car, Funchal, Madeira, Portugal

cable car, Funchal, Madeira, Portugal

The highlight of the trip, Canary Islands was to be next, however, bad seas once we hit the Atlantic Ocean had some surprises including making it impossible for the ship to dock. The lovely carousel below had “Islas Canarias’ on top, perhaps this will have to do for this visit.

Islas Canarias carousel, inner harbour area, Malaga, Spain

Islas Canarias carousel, inner harbour area, Malaga, Spain

Fun on the ship

We enjoyed our time on the ship. We met great people including Rena from USA, a Dutch family, and a favorite bar tender who we dubbed “baby Dino” for his youth and a clever pouty chin move. Many days and evenings we shared laughs, stories, jokes and the occasional card game. By the end of the cruise it felt like we had known each other much longer.

Our new Dutch friends: Hetty, Brigitte, Kathryn, Gerrit, Elisabeth

Hetty, Brigitte, Kathryn, Gerrit, Liesbeth our new Dutch friends

Dinu, bartender, Norwegian Spirit

Dinu “Baby Dino,” bartender, Norwegian Spirit

After learning of a costume party on the ship we happened upon a store in Funchal with beautiful fabric remnants for €5. We had fun as we rummaged through the bin searching for the right pieces of cloth to make an outfit. In the end we arrived as The Flame, Goddess of WiFi, and SubLime. We rocked the dance floor til the wee hours, our ‘gowns’ – Brigitte’s held together by a knot, mine by a safety pin and shoelace, survived the partying! More…


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  2. Hi there looks that your have a lot fun over there, nice pics

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