Cable TV, do I need it?


Streaming video outdoors – English Bay backdrop

As I sit in the “Stanley Park Treehouse” enjoying my morning coffee while wirelessly streaming video of Louise Hay and Cheryl Richardson over my iPad and Bose speaker, I am starting to seriously question whether I will resume my cable TV subscription when I return from my trip abroad. Considering the availability of good quality free online content, plus pay-as-you-go options like iTunes and NetFlix that allow you to stream what you want when you want it (and without commercials), I’m starting to rethink whether I really need cable TV, or if high speed Internet service is enough.

Like telephones and computers, TVs have become personal devices as opposed to being shared or consumed by multiple people simultaneously as they were in years gone by. In lots of homes there are as many or more TVs as there are people! (I’m not a big fan of TV watching —I admit that I once watched black & white TV for over a year before discovering it was a colour TV that had accidentally been switched to black & white.)

Growing up, our family had a very tiny portable Admiral TV with a screen that was not much bigger than the one on my iPad, so I am already predisposed to sitting close to a TV screen! With my iPad I enjoy the versatility of being able to stream content when and where I want it, and the sound quality of the Bose wireless speaker makes the experience even better. Plus, I always have the option of using my ear buds for silent viewing and listening.

For my digital nomad adventures, I’m sure this will do. I won’t doff the TV when I return, just the cable box (I already purchased an iTV thingy—just never used it much). I’ve recruited someone to investigate a “shoe box antenna” contraption that will apparently give me free access to five local HDTV stations when I return from my travels abroad. Watch for more posts on this topic in the future.

Sunday morning tv just the way I like it ~ with a view

iPad and Bose: can they replace cable TV?

Mine will use a designer label shoebox!


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