Belgium: Delightful Brussels Winter Wonders 2013


Winter Wonders, Brussels, Belgium, 2014

Winter Wonders, Brussels, Belgium, 2014

Like a child being led to kindergarten for the first time, Brigitte took me to the Paris train station put me on the train to Brussels….my first solo trip abroad. After two and a half months of traveling through Europe together I had learned many things under her tutelage. She was ready to doff her shadow and I wanted to go it alone, but as we parted company I was thinking pretty hard about how much I had relied on her travel experience thus far.

I arrived in Brussels and found my hotel without drama, dropped my bags and away I went to discover Winter Wonders at the Grand Place. I found myself in the middle of the most amazing square surrounded by stunningly beautiful cathedrals and buildings and a huge lighted Christmas tree in the center. From everywhere you could hear music, amazing songs one after the other – not a chrismas carol among them, and the most amazing display of lights danced off the faces of the buildings in time to the music.

Waves of goosebumps washed over me as I furiously snapped my camera trying to capture some of the essence of the moment. I think I’m in love again, this time with Brussels at Christmas!

Tomorrow I’m taking an excursion to Bruges, also known as “The Venice of the North” and Ghent, which are about an hour by car from Brussels. Can’t wait…I loved Venice too!

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