Back out, or pack up?

sign iconIs this the right time?

Is there ever a right time? Isn’t there always some responsibility or obligation that can dissuade us from fulfilling our ‘fantasies of exploration and adventure’ (sounds frivolous, doesn’t it?)  Of course there is, and at midlife there are at least as many as at other stages of life, maybe more. Then again “if not now, when?” is the question that keeps coming back, encouraging me to answer with a leap of faith and my usual optimism.

Reading back on my earlier post I can see the itinerary has morphed a bit as a result of working around the Schengen Visa rules, which allow a maximum stay of 90-days during a 6-month period in any of the 25 Schengen countries — which on our itinerary is pretty much all.

The new European itinerary, which starts in mid-October and ends in mid-January, includes: Spain, the Canary Islands, Italy, and drumroll please, Christmas and New Year’s in Paris. Oui, oui!!! C’est très bon!

And now since backing out is off the list of options, my biggest, hugest, most dreaded decision is, another drumroll please, …what do I pack!

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