Qualicum Landing, BC


As luck would have it my recent visit to the lovely Artemis by the Sea beach vacation home at Qualicum Landing coincided with a hot spell that brought temperatures of 22- 25 degrees celcius (75 - 80 F), absolutely unheard of in the first week of May … [Read more...]

Homeless or No Fixed Address?


It's done! My possessions carefully stowed into a crate which was taken away to remain in storage until I return in early spring 2014. The remainder of my stuff, the things I need to live and work until I actually go abroad this fall, I put into … [Read more...]

The Lifestyle Business Podcast


I discovered this great resource while poking around on Making It Anywhere website. The Lifestyle Business Podcast website has a library of over 150 topics like: Episode #145 - Taxes, Taxes, Taxes, which covers important taxation information and … [Read more...]

Making It Anywhere: Digital Nomads Mish and Rob

how orange bucket

Making it Anywhere - Mish and Rob, are a married couple who left their jobs in London, England in March 2012 to become digital nomads. Their website and blog, Making It Anywhere, is not only hilarious and well written, it includes lots of resources … [Read more...]

Paper is Not Dead!


I am a huge fan of my iPad, I use it everyday, all day. A friend sent me this hysterical clip that I think you will enjoy. Total length: 00:39 … [Read more...]

Escape Fire Movie


The Problems with the American Healthcare System. This excellent video exposes the problems with the American healthcare system and offers solutions. "We don't have a health care system in this country, we have a disease management system."— Dr. … [Read more...]

Dr. Mercola: #1 Natural Health Advice


I was thrilled to stumble upon Dr. Mercola on Hay House Radio with Dr. Christiane Northrup. I immediately went to his website and discovered that it was a wealth of factual information, unlike so many other sites that leave you fearful, confused and … [Read more...]

Is Wheat The Culprit?


Wheat Belly, Dr. William Davis, MD Like many people, I am sensitive to wheat. Actually it's the gluten and gliadin that are the culprits and they are present in more than just wheat. In his best selling book, Wheat Belly, by Dr. William Davis, MD, … [Read more...]

Video: “Back to the Start,” Chipotle


Chipotle Restaurants "Back to the Start", video - I really love the message behind this Chipotle Restaurants video in support of sustainable agriculture. More resources: Chipotle Restaurants, YouTube Channel … [Read more...]

Wine: Chook Shed


Chook Shed This was a great value priced wine. I miss it! Grape: Shiraz Country: Australia Region: Barossa Valley Price: CAD $16 Whine: apparently they are no longer exporting to Canada … [Read more...]