Advent in Málaga


It seems so odd to watch the seasonal decor spring up around Málaga without the usual accompaniments of cold weather, myriad versions of Santa Claus, and the jingle jingle of bells on the donation kettles.

Where I am staying in the old town part of Málaga, there are hundreds of red poinsettias arranged into various displays, some vertical like big red flower trees, some into huge squares around a metal tree frame wrapped with clear sparkling lights.

The main streets and corridors in the old town outdoor shopping district have strings of lighted shapes dangling in the evening sky, and round wire frames lit up like huge Christmas trees.

Street vendors sell warm roasted chestnuts and the stores play the same Christmas carols popular in North America, and store windows have the usual festive displays. The other day I heard a little girl singing Jingle Bells in Spanish as she skipped by.

I am enjoying the contrasts while still remembering the wonderful and sometimes snowy Christmases back home in Vancouver. Paris is next and I’m excited about discovering what it’s like to celebrate Christmas Parisian-style.

Enjoy the holidays wherever you are!








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