Kathryn’s Story


Today is March 2, 2013

Kathryn on Canal Street, New Orleans

I’ve lived in beautiful Vancouver Canada, from the day I was born. I love this city, but it rains here — it rains a lot! It’s like we have rainy days interspersed with a sprinkling slightly overcast days. The glorious sunny days happen mostly during our three months of summer, June through August, when the City of Vancouver is at its most visually spectacular splendor.

I’m a pretty ordinary, single, self-employed, mid-life woman. As the sand slips through the hourglass of life, the fact that I have never been to Europe has become a big deal to me.

I have learned that our thoughts limit our experiences. Over the years it has become almost second nature for me to choose better and more inspiring thoughts and to believe in possibilities that previously would have seemed silly. I am certainly not without doubt and fear, but having spent the first half of my life worrying about things that never happened and getting blind-sided by the ones that did, worrying now seems to me to be a waste of good energy. I much prefer going through life on trust and faith that good things will happen, and being flexible and resilient when life’s inevitable lessons arise.

Luck: when preparedness meets opportunity

Kath_perspec_logoIf it’s true that luck happens when preparedness meets opportunity, then I’m right where I should be. New Year’s Eve, 2012, was the catalyst. Having gotten through Christmas (which had a little more drama than I was anticipating), I was preparing to go out for the night when I heard a knock at my door. Surprise!!! The lovely home I was living in would be torn down. Yikes! I nodded and listened and managed a weak smile, but seriously…Are you kidding me? It’s 6PM on NYE!

new years eve, womenThe news had enough potential to A-bomb my night! How could this be a good start to a new year? I wondered, especially one ending in 13! After I closed the door I asked aloud “How much more am I supposed to take?” Brigitte had come over for the NYE bash and, in her ever-so-inspiring way she’d suggested that something good would probably happen. In that moment it struck me that I’ve always wanted to go to Europe and perhaps this was a sign that this year would be a good time to go. In just those few minutes, the seed was planted. We had so much fun that night! We danced, and laughed, and told our friends the news, and their excitement added to what became the perfect way to bring in 2013!

Sometime during the night, I decided that I would store my stuff and find a temporary place to live until the fall, then go to Europe for 4-months and return, hopefully to a brand new place in the spring. Brigitte was planning to be back from her extended stay in Buenos Aires around that time, and she quickly jumped at the suggestion of joining me. A co-conspirator — the second seed had been planted!

No fixed address? Me? Really? Holy crap!

I have a consulting business that I run from a home office. For years I’ve had the idea that I could travel abroad and still provide services to my clients. I learned that the term for people who do this is digital nomad. By using technology-enabling tools that make a digital nomad lifestyle possible, combined with a little advance planning, I figured I could go abroad without inconveniencing my clients too much. Sounded like a good goal, but I needed a plan!

And, the silver lining: adventureslogo

I will be returning to a brand new suite when the new house is built. OK, will somebody pinch me?

So here I am, it’s the beginning of March and my plans are falling into place…kind of.

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