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Málaga Catamaran Sailing Excursion

catamaran Malaga

It's funny the differences between our expectations (rules, regulations) when compared with other places. For example, today I went on a catamaran sailing excursion in Málaga. Barely away from the pier I was mojito in hand relaxing on the trampoline … [Read more...]

Window shopping


I did not come to Europe to shop. First, it's expensive to shop here, and second, I had only 1.6 kg of room to spare in my suitcase when I left Vancouver. But it's been a serious test of my willpower and Venice absolutely pushed me over the edge. By … [Read more...]

Advent in Málaga


It seems so odd to watch the seasonal decor spring up around Málaga without the usual accompaniments of cold weather, myriad versions of Santa Claus, and the jingle jingle of bells on the donation kettles. Where I am staying in the old town part of … [Read more...]