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Mondello Beach, Palermo

sicily sand

What a great beach! Soft sand, clear shallow water, hardly anyone on the beach. That's the upside, downside, change rooms closed, oh well, small price to pay for such a beautiful day in the sun and sand.   … [Read more...]

Gluten-free in Palermo

gluten-free buns

Coming back from the beach yesterday we almost missed a tiny little gluten-free bakery, Delizie, on Goethe street in Palermo. It was late in the day so some of the shelves were empty but what remained was very appetizing looking. I opted for 2 … [Read more...]

Costume party ‘gowns’

fabric remnants, costume fodder

From the fabric remnants bin in Funchal, our costume party outfits took shape.     … [Read more...]

Casablanca, Morocco

Hassan ll Mosque

October  28, 2013, Casablanca, Morocco A bus tour of the fish market, the royal palace and the Hassan II mosque. Casa-blanca, meaning "white house" so named by Portugese sailors in search of water who arrived and stayed, populating the shores … [Read more...]

Canary Islands Cruise

Red Flame, Goddess of WiFi, SubLime

The 9-day cruise from Barcelona to the Canary Islands seemed a perfect itinerary, every other day a port of call broken up by relaxing days at sea. Overall the weather was terrific, a little breezy at times but always nice for being on deck and … [Read more...]

The Art of Self-Photo

Rena, Brigitte

After observing Mitzi, a friend from California, discreetly whip out her camera and capture herself in the foreground of a travel pic, I decided to practice the art myself. On the gondola when Rena said she had traveled solo and so had very few … [Read more...]