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Non-hotel accommodations

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Non-hotel alternatives to hotel accommodation can make extended travel stays more affordable and enjoyable.  Below are a few to consider: AirBNB HomeAway Vacation Rentals by Owner HouseCarers … [Read more...]

Paper is Not Dead!


I am a huge fan of my iPad, I use it everyday, all day. A friend sent me this hysterical clip that I think you will enjoy. Total length: 00:39 … [Read more...]

Rented Smartphones for Tourists


Springwise, one of my favorite sources of inspiring new ideas, spotted this innovative Hong Kong based company, handy, that offers smartphone rentals to tourists. The phones provides the user with unlimited local and international calls as well as … [Read more...]

Free 21-Day Meditation


When I heard Deepak Chopra speak last year at The Seed Event in Vancouver, I became inspired to learn the ancient practice of meditation. Deepak and Oprah have joined forces to offer free meditation classes. Click the links below to learn … [Read more...]

French Podcasts


Learn French by Podcast - provides free audio files for all 158 lessons. The companion PDF workbook series containing all 158 lessons are very well designed with helpful tips to speed learning. Entire series can be purchased for 100 credits (each … [Read more...]

Listen hear…


Podcast Title: Welcome to the Jillian Michaels Show Total length: 47 mins. Jillian talks about how to pursue your dreams by vicariously walking into and through the fear, risks and failures of uncharted territory. Also, Janice Ungaro talks to … [Read more...]

Shut up Your Inner Critic

Watching this clip I couldn't help but wonder how these young broads figured everything out so quickly? It took me a decade of self-help books to shut up my inner "Betsy." "Why women don't get jobs," the topic of this clip, is funny, insightful … [Read more...]

The Plan: 2013 / 2014


Plans for 2013, which are kind of loose at the moment, involve Valencia, Spain in mid to late Sept, moving down to the south to chase the nice weather, southern Portugal for Nov, then France for Dec with the highlight being Paris over Xmas. Then … [Read more...]



Putting stuff in storage means work. Calculating requirements, wrapping, folding, sorting, trashing and that's just the beginning, after that comes lifting, ugh! I will be storing my stuff for up to a year so I need to decide what to keep, what to … [Read more...]