If not now, when?


Putting ‘life’ into midlife…
Sometimes we reach a point in life when our biggest question becomes “If not now, when?” For me, that was the nagging question for a long time. Sometimes I made changes so I could live my dreams, often times I waited for signs that conditions were ripe for taking action. Mostly, the opportune time just seemed to stay off in the distance as a future goal.

Kath_perspec_logoOccasionally, I took action instantly, like the time when a friend and I were both lamenting from the suburbs about wanting to live in downtown Vancouver. Within 2 weeks I had sold my place and the universe lined up the most spectacular home I had ever lived in. I stayed there 5 years and not a day went by that I didn’t pinch myself and think “How the heck did I end up here!”

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Hot Dog in the City


I'm back in the sunny Okanagan valley of British Columbia to keep company with the very cool Liam, Mister Liam if you please! Despite this "dude, let's party" photo, Mr. Liam is a very sedate and exceptionally well behaved lab & Great Dane … [Continue reading]

My Paris Apartment


I was so delighted to have found this chic little flat for my 2 week stay over the Christmas holidays. This very comfortable and spotless one bedroom apartment really gives one the feeling of Parisian living with markets, restaurants, and shops just … [Continue reading]

“Fed Up” The Movie


I recently attended the Vancouver premiere of "Fed Up" the new documentary narrated by Katie Couric, and was pleased to hear her ringing the alarm bell about the dangerous food products and manufacturing practices that are contributing to, if not … [Continue reading]

Gluten-free in Rome

Debora Corvaro, Kathryn

Looking back, I was surprised and delighted to stumble upon L'oasi del Celiaco in a market just down the hill from Vatican City. the owner, Debora Corvaro, told us that she had only just opened her store catering to those with celiac disease and … [Continue reading]

I won’t leave home without…


Let me start by saying that packing for a 3-month adventure that included 8 countries and both warm and cool climates had me in a tizzy. Looking back I can see that I've learned a few things about what to bring, and what to leave out. What to … [Continue reading]

London: January, no rain, what?


It seemed like my itinerary had worked me into progressively colder climes to prepare me for my mid-January return to Vancouver...home, for now. Although I was prepared to brave the notorious London weather (can't be much different from the 'wet … [Continue reading]

Amsterdam: Clean, Friendly, Rich


Back in the 4th grade I wrote a poem that began with these words 'Holland and Paris is where I shall be, When I'm twenty-four maybe.' Well it certainly took a few years beyond my childhood expectations, and Amsterdam wasn't officially on my … [Continue reading]

Belgium: Ghent


It was a brisk and bright day in the late afternoon when I arrived in Ghent, a municipality located in the Flemish region of Belgium. In the 13th century Ghent was the largest city in Europe after Paris, perhaps this explains why the buildings are so … [Continue reading]

Woman cannot live on Bordeaux & chocolate alone…

Flemish chicken dish at De Poulin, Bruges

...but she can try! And so, try I will and I'm in the perfect place for testing that theory. Brussels, where people consume 12 - 15 kg of chocolate, mostly dark, every year, also has a pretty good supply of Bordeaux from France. Arriving here at … [Continue reading]

Belgium: Bruges “Venice of the North”


Bruges is located about 100 kilometers from Brussels. It has a population of about 125,000 and has about 2 million visitors annually. Even on a cold January day I was startled to find a square that I had walked through only minutes before, was now … [Continue reading]